Crit Lab Main


The Crit Lab groups meet for five sessions over five- six month period with the same artists. Each session has a max of 6-7 artists, and meets once per month from about 10am until 3:30-4pm. Meetings happen at MAPSpace in Port Chester, or at other artists' studios when in other locations. Each artist brings work to the session, and we spend 30-45 minutes with each person's work.

The Lab offers rigorous, critical, supportive feedback akin to a graduate-level seminar in small ongoing artist groups. Asking ethical and aesthetic questions, we situate artworks in a social context, engage materials in their own language, and preserve the inchoate nature of the creative process.

The Crit Lab is a supportive forum for exploration and discussion of new, vulnerable, in progress, and experimental works and ideas. The connection and community transcend the Lab. The ongoing, intensive, inclusive, space of the meetings encourages work to flourish and grow in critical depth and perception.

The Crit Lab is inclusive. We cultivate safe brave spaces for all art and all artists.

The Lab intensifies focus, helps structure studio practice, and gives artists the language to speak about their work in their own voice. Through intensive, guided, engaged viewing and discussion, the artist is supported in pushing boundaries in the work.

Main Sessions are $500 for 5 meetings. 
*Additional costs may incur for sessions outside Port Chester.