Lori Glavin


My abstract paintings and monotypes are inspired by a fresh examination of the familiar. A neighborhood walk, the delicacy of a shadow on a wall, and the observation of pattern in my knitting projects are starting points for constructing an image. Influenced by the repetitions and rhythms of domestic life, I collect, combine, and sort; alternating between large shapes and small bits to make an arrangement of nuanced color and shape that becomes a monument to minutiae.


My process is a visceral one: intuitive, contingent, and unplanned. Tilted rectangles are stacked and skewed, cross hatched planes imitate threads that weave under gestural lines and nudge up against bulbous shapes. I build my surfaces through addition, subtraction, scraping, layering and wiping away; often revealing surprises along the way. Working in several mediums – textiles, printmaking, collage, painting – enriches my understanding of materials and encourages me to take chances.  

Lori Glavin (b. 1958, Buffalo, NY) earned a BFA from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse, NY. She is the recipient of a 2019 Connecticut Individual Artist Fellowship Grant and a two-time fellowship and grant recipient to Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT. In 2007 she co-founded Wilson Avenue Loft Artists, a community of artist studios in Norwalk, CT. Glavin lives and works in Connecticut and upstate New York.


“Stronghold,” 2019, Collage on Paper, 22” x 15”
“Furrow,” 2019, Oil on Paper, 50” x 38”
“Striped,” 2019, Collage on Paper, 15” x 11”
“Downtown,” 2019, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 30”
“Assembly Not Included,” 2019, Collage on paper, 22” x 15”
“Blush,” 2019, Oil on Paper, 42” x 29.5”
“Vortex,” 2019, Oil on Canvas, 42” x 56”